Luxury villas
in Dominicana
Welcome to the landof everlasting summer!

Dominican Republic is a land of white beaches washed by the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It’s a great opportunity to become the owner of a villa on the ocean shore for a few days – an incomparable pleasure for a reasonable price. When your calmness is disturbed only by the rustle of the foliage of exotic trees and the pacifying sound of the surf, you’ll get the meaning of the expression “heaven on earth”. At the same time, renting villas in the Caribbean islands is not a luxury, especially if you go on a trip with friends or colleagues. Rooms in a luxurious oceanfront house with an elegant design and modern equipment will definitely make everyone happy!

A great rest
A closed beach club with sun loungers and towels, a gorgeous beach, coconut trees and sky-blue water awaits you – exclusive comfort and maximum relaxation.

All you need for a perfect rest

Private pool on each Villa
Idyll and calm
Relax in company of friends and loved ones
Space for an unforgettable vacation
Privacy and relaxation
Magnificent yard on each villa
Outdoor BBQ
Designer accessories
Everything needed
Modern equipment

Renting a villa is a special type of vacation that allows you to chill out at the most popular resorts only in the company of those you love. You are separated from the flow of tourists while the sun, beaches, ocean, and magnificent landscapes are still available to you. Luxurious detached villas with private pools surrounded by emerald green golf courses with the highest level of comfort and safety are within awalking distanceof the ocean. Alex Villas is the most comfortable vacation place in the Dominican Republic, with all the components of a five-star service for the most attractive prices.

The best you can take in the Dominican Republic
All the fun
on the Bavaro coast

We know the coastline up and down and we know what to offer you to make your weekend as exciting as possible.

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