Luxury villas in Dominicana

Villa Lagoon

Вилла в Доминикане


Villa Del Mar

Вилла в Доминикане


Villa Bueno

Вилла в Доминикане


Villa Fortuna

Вилла в Доминикане


«Alex Villas» invites you to spend your unforgettable vacations at the sunny, eternally green island of Haiti, in the country of eternal sunshine - the Dominican Republic.

Luxury villas are located just half an hour drive from the international airport Punta Cana, in the large territory of «Iberostar Bavaro» complex, a part of the «Iberostar» global network. The villas are surrounded by the colorful scenery of one of the largest in the Dominican Republic golf clubs and luxurious tropical forests.

White beaches and sky-blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean are stretching just in five minutes walk from the villas. Guests of these villas can enjoy all the infrastructure of the huge complex adjacent to the residence such as 3 km of white beaches, more than 30 restaurants and bars, sport clubs and tennis courts, massage rooms, a variety of pools and playgrounds, leading brands and souvenir shops, entertainment shows, discos and casinos.

Luxury villas with roomy bedrooms, dressing rooms, living and dining rooms, kitchens guarantee you a complete comfort. The villas are hidden inside the colorful scenery of golf courses and tropical forests, and in the bowls of their own pools the sun rays are sparkling. Just in five minutes walk from the villas there are white beaches, including the own private beach club for the villas residents. Walking along the beach, you may find yourself at the point where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet.

Meanwhile, it will not cost you a lot of money to have a rest on such villas, rather the opposite – being absorbed in counting your budget you will realize the whole profitability of this adventure if deciding to rest with your family or company of best friends, or to spend your honeymoon.

At the same time resting on a private villa differs a lot from vacation in a luxury hotel. There are no limits or neighbors. Such rest is totally individual which brings you to a complete relaxation. Several bedrooms can comfortably accommodate a company of people or allocate separate rooms for children. Each bedroom has individual bathroom. A huge living room is a great place for common meetings. There is beach furniture and barbecue equipment near the pool, in case you have no desire to leave the villa on a hot afternoon.

You can totally arrange your holiday schedule, depending on your desires and nothing else. An individual golf-mobile for moving along the complex territory is at your service. A qualified Russian-speaking consultant can help you to solve all possible routine problems and organize your leisure time.

You can enjoy the beneficial possibility of vehicles renting. An extensive program of individual excursions and yacht renting will be offered to your attention.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful places in the world and thus organization of a wedding ceremony here becomes a dream of many newlyweds around the world. We can help you to organize a symbolic wedding ceremony at the famous beaches.

Simultaneous multiple villas rent allows even to organize corporate vacation.

If you choose «Alex Villas» in the Dominican Republic for your vacation, we guarantee you an unforgettable holiday in the world paradise with all the five-star level benefits.